What this is about

The goal of this survey is to collect information on industrial use cases that may benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI), on factors that may affect its use, and when possible about the employed solution methods.

Who we are

We are the StairwAI project (https://stairwai.nws.cs.unibo.it/), funded under the EU H2020 Programme and aimed at supporting SMEs interested in AI, but with limited or no background in such a field. The project is coordinated by University of Bologna.

The project will develop automatic matchmaking systems to be integrated in a European “AI on demand” platform. The first of such systems will suggest AI resources to target a given use case, described in natural language.

Why fill in this form

The data you provide will form a corpus of use cases and solutions to drive the development of the matchmaking algorithm. You will also be able to opt in as a beta tester and evaluate AI resources potentially applicable to your problem. Additionally, the data you provide will also help identify organisations’ needs for adopting AI.

Finally, StairwAI will run Open Calls through which SMEs will be able to acquire funding for R&D projects: your answers will be taken into account to define the eligible areas of intervention. The first such call will be held in December 2021.


  1. Make sure you have a specific use case in mind
  2. Even hypothetical use cases are fine if they are not too generic
  3. It’s fine to write “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand”: that is still valuable information

Filling in the questionnaire will take 10-15 minutes. To start the process just click the button below.