1. Introduction

Dear Madam/Sir,
You are invited to take part in a research conducted within the framework of the project “StairwAI – Ease the Engagement of Low-Tech users to the AI-on-Demand platform through AI”. Before deciding whether to participate, it is important that you have all the information necessary to adhere in an informed and responsible manner. We ask you to read this document and to ask the person who proposed this study all the questions that it considers appropriate.

2. Brief description and Objectives

The research project “StairwAI” aims to simplify access to resources on the EU AI-on-Demand platform, via the definition of a matchmaking system capable of associating description of industrial use case with resource that may help with their solutions. To achieve this, the researchers involved in the project aim to collect and analyze description of industrial use cases that may benefit (or have already benefited) from the use AI methods. When available, basic information about the techniques used to address the use cases is also of interest.

3. What does participation in the study involve?

Participation in the research project StairwAI involves providing high-level information about your company, a short and mostly free-form description of the use case, and (when available) a labeling of the employed solution techniques in terms of pre-defined AI categories. Additionally, you may consent to: a) being contacted later on in the project as a beta-tester for the matchmaking system (i.e. you will be able to use earlier versions of the system and see how well the proposed resource match your use case); b) publish non-personal data you will provide, in order to maximize the impact of the research results of the StairwAI project.

4. Benefits, inconveniences and/or potential risks of participation

Participation in the research is voluntary and free. For the participants the collaboration does not involve any type of risk or discomfort. Researchers expect information on the company where you are employed, on use cases that your company may want to addressed using AI (or has addressed using AI), and basic details about the solution techniques (when available).

5. Withdrawal from research

You have the right to withdraw at any time your consent to participation in this research, without notice or specific reason.

6. Measures planned to protect anonymity

The information you provide will be kept in full form by the StairwAI project coordinator (University of Bologna) and shared with the remaining project partners in anonymized form. The results of the research will be published in summary form and in no case any brief quotations will be ascribable to single persons.

7. Contacts

For any information and clarification on this research or for any need, please contact the researcher Michele Lombardi (michele.lombardi2@unibo.it) who is at your disposal for further information or clarification.