StairwAI have hosted, and participated in, a number of events over the course of the project. Details on a selection of these events can be found below.

AI4EU Stakeholder Forum: 9th & 10th December 2021
Empowering SMEs with Artificial Intelligence: 9th December 2021
1st Open Call Webinar #1: 9th February 2022
1st Open Call Webinar #2: 4th March 2022
ICT-49 Open Calls Info Webinar: 8th March 2022
DIH Roadshow Webinar: 7th & 20th April, 4th May 2022
ICT-49 AI Solutions & Support Webinar: 5th July 2022
EU Regions Week Web CafĂ© – AI Across Different Sectors and Regions in Europe: 13th October 2022
2nd Open Call Webinar #1: 16th November 2022
2nd Open Call Webinar #2: 7th December 2022
DIH Roadshow Webinar #1: 28th February 2023
DIH Roadshow Webinar #2: 23rd March 2023
DIH Roadshow Webinar #3: 18th April 2023
3rd Open Call Webinar #1: 29th March 2023
3rd Open Call Webinar #2: 20th April 2023
AI-on-Demand Community Forum: 13th-14th November 2023